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Which is it, Kitchen, Tea, or Dish Towel ?

Kitchen Towel refers to any towel in the kitchen, paper or cloth. Tea Towel is the British version of the American Dish Towel. The towel is used for drying or wiping anything that is wet including hands, dishes, glasses, pots, pans, counters, table tops, of anything in the kitchen.

My towel pattern is 2/2 Twill Pattern using 8/2 cotton woven to European standards and metric measurements which makes a thick heavy fabric that is absorbent and durable. The thread density is 11/ cm or 27.5/inch (55 thread count). The size is 41cm, approx. 16”, wide and 66cm, approx. 26”, long.  The typical American towel woven in 2/2 Twill Pattern has a thread density of 24/inch ( 48 thread count) and ranges in width from 14”-18” and length 20”-28”.

The additional 3.5 threads per inch in the European Towel is 15% more thread than the American Towel. You give up some softness with the denser fabric, but the tradeoff is a thirsty tough towel that will last a long time.

My towel is a Tea Towel.


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