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How to get more Time ?

Time, unlike spare change, is something I do not have laying around. There seems to be a shortage of hours during the week to work, run errands, do household chores, work on “The List”, weave, think about business, relax, and more. The weekends are the same without the work, unless called, which allows for uninterrupted blocks of time for “The List”, recreation, or weaving.   I  need to create more time and do better with the time I have.

I already busted my New Year’s Resolution to weave one project each month. Thru July, (7 months) I have completed 5 projects. I have plenty of ideas, things to try, samples to make, and special requests to complete. Unfortunately, weaving has been a fill-in, or as time allows and not a priority.

A little research into “how to get more time” suggests the following

  • Do daily chores first; they do not go away, only stack up
  • Combine errands; leave the house once and make several stops
  • Plan “The List”; prioritize and block time
  • Have some “me” time; relax and re-coop
  • Hobby/Business; block time and follow business plan
  • Block Time is uninterruptable
  • Allow time for things that “come up”

After some time to organize and prioritize, I will start the new plan in 2 weeks and let you know how it goes at year end.