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Starting the Web Site

In the blog post “Which On-Line Platform is Right”, I described how I came to the decision to create by my website; then the fun began. I started surfing the internet to learn what needed to done to get a site up and running.

Once again, I will refer you Staci Ann Lowry’s Blog, “2 Days (or less) to your own website” for setting up our website. Another good blog to guide you thru the process is Thriftzizel.com. The basic steps are

  1. Buy your domain name
  2. Set up hosting
  3. Install the software

By following the steps presented in these blogs, you will be able to get a basic website up and running in two days. I say two days because there is at least 24hr time lag for system setup, communication, and configuration between the domain and hosting company. I followed Staci’s model and used Go Daddy for the domain name, Host Gator for the hosting, and WordPress for the software.

Instead of using a free WordPress template for site the layout, I chose Thesis Theme by DIYThemes. Genesis Theme by StudioPress another popular theme reviewed on the internet. Both have plenty of followers and detractors, which means there is no right answer.

This easy part done . . . . . now I need some interesting content to display.



Which Online Platform is Right ?

What to do ….. so many choices and possibilities.  I decided to search out and learn from crafters already in business.  It seems everybody starts with ESTY and uses social media as promotion and advertisement.  For those that went beyond ETSY, the paths are more diverse.

Staci Ann Lowry, The Ornament Girl, has the best blog for starting an on-line craft business.  She describes her journey, choices she made and why, and gives good advice to navigating the World Wide Web.

For all the issues and reasons Staci and others outline, I chose to create my own website.  And not to ignore the masses on ETSY, set-up an ETSY Store.