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Signature Design

While I was learning about the many choices and options available for the on-line part of the business, I was noticing that successful (or what appeared to be successful) crafters had created themes, design elements, or patterns for their handmade items;  often referred to as “Top Sellers”.    Crafter’s also offered to work with customers to design and create custom items.

What design and pattern should I use for kitchen towels?  Twill 2/2 is the pattern of choice for towels.  Twill makes a nice thick towel with a diagonal color pattern.  For the design, I like the look of plaid bordering the towel.  It is simple, fairly common, primarily two colors, and seems to be a “Top Seller” for some weavers.

My plaid border kitchen towel is going to have a design element inspired by the vintage flour sack; the basic narrow stripe.  The stripe is simple, clean, and adds a small variation to the basic three striped plaid.

Next step is to layout the pattern on paper to see what it will look like.