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I started weaving in 2012 using a backstrap technique to create Sami Bands as shown by Susan J Foulkes.  After watching her YouTube Videos, I thought that’s easy enough and wanted to try.  I found a rigid heddle and shuttle on the Weavers Guild of Minnesota classified page for a good price, met the seller at Whole Foods, and took home my first weaving tools.  I was hooked !!!

After the rigid heddle, I moved to the inkle loom for weaving bands. I found a low cost mini inkle, ordered some 10/2 cotton thread, watched more YouTube Videos, and made my first narrow band. Needing a goal, I set out to make shoe strings for Christmas Gifts. Everybody got shoe strings that year. While the bands worked, the clear plastic shrink tubing used on the ends did not. I needed a better idea to finish the ends.