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Weaving School

I just got back from my first weaving class, Vavsutga Basics, taught by Becky Ashenden. Since this was my first school I have nothing for comparison. I chose this class because I have a Glimakra Loom and the video “Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way” by Becky Ashenden was included with the loom purchase.

I was the only male in the group of eight and the only one with a Glimakra Loom. One person in the group had no weaving experience. I purposely waited till I had some experience and a list a questions that needed answering before I went to a class. Google, YouTube and Books gave me the basics to get going. Becky has lots of shortcuts, tips, and tricks that will make weaving fun and fast.

I am not going to give a day by day report. The blogs, The Tangled Warp and Love Those Hand at Home, do good job describing the daily class activities. Becky also provides a 15 week class called Vav Immersion. A good reference is the blog Tammy Weaves.

Here are the four items I made during class:  wool throw, cotton/cottolin table square, cottolin/linen towel, and linen table square.The experience has definitely improved my weaving and significantly reduced my warping, beaming, and threading time. I will be going back; but first I need to practice what I learned.



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